Article Accessories for Rapid cylindrical grinders

ER-11 collet chuck holder
ER-11 collet chuck holder with Rapid
ER-32 collet chuck with clamping nut and Rapid
Holder for cover collet S20x2
Holder for cover collet S20x2 with Rapid

Collect holders for Rapid

  • ER-11 collet chuck holder for clamping small parts
  • ER-32 collet chuck set
  • Holder for cover collet S20x2

Catalog-# / Description

Catalog-# Order-# Description
4.ER32/11 1053704A ER11 collet chuck holder, clamping range Ø1mm - Ø7mm
4.0.470E.S 1037095A ER32 collet chuck set, 18-pieces, clamping range Ø2mm - Ø20mm
4.0.232E 1042454A Wrench for ER32 collet chucks
4.RED.DL.S20x2 1047548A Holder for Deckel collet chuck S20x2, clamping range Ø3mm - Ø16mm

Dimensional drawings

AccessoryDescription Article
Cylindrical grinding unit RAPID mini, for flying grinding 4.RS03.Fto product
Cylindrical grinding unit RAPID mini, for grinding between centres 4.RS05.Rto product
Control unit for RAPID grinding unit 4.SG01to product

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