Cylindrical grinding unit

Circular grinding unit RAPID for surface grinding machines

Precision grinding device - for every surface grinding machine!

RAPID mini grinder - the original - proven since 1980!

RAPID precision grinders can be used quickly and easily on any surface grinding machine.

Universal application possibilities for individual or small series production such as:

  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Cone grinding
  • Profile grinding
  • Plunge grinding
  • Polygon grinding

guarantee the high degree of economic efficiency of these devices. Popular due to easy handling and high user-friendliness!

Why is RAPID mini so attractive?

  • Changing grinding wheels, dressing and profiling is easier and more cost-effective with surface grinding machines than with cylindrical grinding machines.
  • Therefore for small quantities: RAPID precision grinding devices
  • Compact, small, handy, only approx. 9kg heavy and therefore immediately ready for use.

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